1. A intentionally misspelled phrase meaning "get good." Generally used to pock fun at and mock inexperienced players in a particular video game.
Person A: Damn it, I've died so many times and haven't even gotten my first kill yet.

Person B: Lol, git gud mate.
by TheBlackWeeaboo July 09, 2016
American English, bastardized way of saying "get good". A very short, succinct way of saying: Quit playing the incompetent victim; practice makes perfect; You can do better, so do better.

Also a way a dismissive way of saying that you will not waste time holding someone's hand, walking them through how to do something when all they need to do is temper themselves through repetition.
"No matter how much I try to finger this part on guitar, I can't seem to play it. You can do it so well though. Teach me how you do it!"
"Git gud, faggot."
by someguybb September 15, 2016
A lame ass excuse Dark Souls players use to criticize players who do not enjoy their beloved franchise.

Curious Gamer: Damn this game is so damn hard, it doesn't even allow you to adjust to the difficulty. How do I get past these 6 enemies who've just appeared not even 15m into the game?

Random Person: git gud

Curious Gamer: Not helpful.

Random Person 2: u just suck ass at Dark Souls and have no idea how to play games. git gud

Curious Gamer: ...
git gud or git rekt
by RealFreaq May 25, 2016
A phrase commonly used in Counter Strike or League of Legends, informing them that they need to get better at the game.
You stupid bottom fragger, you need to git gud
by reKall01 December 07, 2015
Name for a volture that live in woodcote aka gitgud
can be used by friends and family
a well know pet
Hey gitgud!
how are you gitgud?
by gitgud101 February 23, 2010
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