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A sexual transmitted disease that originated from Mexican bats from Cabo.

Symptoms are frequent outbreaks of horribly itchy small mountainous bubbling red warts, oozing genitals, irritable mood, Unable to finish Orgy Parties, burning sensation between the thighs,

Cure: Mouldy French Cheese

WARNING: Cure may deflate gluteus maximus, and cause hairy balls (in some women)

Cure for Side Effects: Chewing Gum, rub your armpit on your knees

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU'RE CURED? You start to taste like cheddar cheese.
Wow she's being very irritable, she must have Ghypes!
That slut gave Ghypes to me
She was unable to finish our Orgy Party, she must have Ghypes!
by SAYLOR LEWISFURDIS February 05, 2008

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