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When a girl gives you head underneath the blankets. The subsequent bobbing of her head beneath the soft sheets gives the appearance of a ghost. Often used to conceal the act of fellatio.
"Yo, my mom's home. You gotta give me dat ghost head tonight."

Brian: Damn Britney gives that bomb ghost head.
Dro: Nigga whats ghost head?
Brian: It's when she suck the dick with a blanket over her head brah

"Sorry babe a little busy here. The Glee finale is on. Just ghost head me for a sec."
by bchili November 26, 2014
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Ghostheads are hardcore Ghostbusters Fans; the nickname was born in the mid 1980s after the huge growth of ghostbusters fan base around the world. Ghostheads often are involved thus associated with building Ghostbusters props such as the Proton Pack.
I am a Ghosthead, therefore I like Ghostbusters very much.
by Soren T December 02, 2007

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