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(v.) Ghost Capturing, or ghostcapping, is the act of capturing or denying an objective which isn't currently occupied or patrolled by the enemy team, allowing a swift, strategic, and conflict-free advantage. Common tactic used in team-based shooters such as Battlefield and Planetside, seen as the larger-scale brethren to the (in)famous Ninja Defuse.
Planetside 2:

NC Player 1: Dude, let's squad up and ghostcap the smaller Vanu facilities, those MAX spamming bastards won't see it coming!

NC Player 2: We're gonna have to do it later tonight, we'll rob them blind while they sleep like infants!


MEC Player: C4 the bridge! they're bring in APCs!

US Player: Dammit, they blew up the bridge! Squad, let's cross by river and ghostcap the empty bases!
by xIDJKingIx August 06, 2013
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