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a game in which two or more people urinate into the same toilet at the same time, attempting to connect their streams, an imitation of the machine used in the 1980's movie.
Hey Jethro, I really gotta piss. Wanna play some ghostbusters with me?
by LastFog September 10, 2006
Term used to describe a Person(A)who tries to make Person(B) laugh when trying to ghost a hit.
"Dog you really called the Ghost Busters on that hit dog, thanks."
by robbdogg January 11, 2009
An evident rip-off of the GhostPolice. Employees of this group are callow New-Yorkers. see: Ghostbuster
When the GhostPolice began their rise to power, smaller organizations such as the Ghostbusters tried to share in the growing operation of paranormal investigation and elimination.
by Dr. Snipe February 11, 2006
A famous group of morale captains at the University of Michigan's Dance Marathon 2005
Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!
by GB March 21, 2005
Two, or more, men who love each other in a completely non-sexual way.
"Whoa, are those guys gay?"
"No, man, they're just ghostbusters"
by dancinpete January 13, 2007