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A cell phone unable to be tracked. Can not be called back bacause the number is private. Used mainly in the hood for brothers who ain't got no money to pay they contract bill or got some minutes.
cuz 1: Who the hell is this callin me private Hello.
cuz 2: Wat up Nigga
cuz 1: Aww shit wat up cuz were u callin me from,
cuz 2: My ghost phone nigga
cuz 1: CAn I call u back cuz?
cuz 2: Hell na wait to i get some minutes on my other phone or pay the bill
cuz 1: Igght 1

by C.J. an JUJU September 04, 2006
When you take your phone out of your pocket and feel or think your phone is still in your pocket.
Guy one: "Shit dude why are you spazzing out?"
Guy two:" Just had a ghost phone moment, but I put my phone on the table."
by goodduck4 June 28, 2014
When it feels like your phone is vibrating in your pocket, but it turns out that your leg was just twitching.
Person 1: (pulls out phone) huh.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I got Ghost Phone
by The Unwanted Hero November 11, 2009
A phone number that while continued to be given out as a means of contact, is never picked up.
"I don't know why I'm calling his house, that's a ghost phone"

"Call their cell, all other numbers are ghost phones"

by Black_peter January 16, 2007
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