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n, v, adj. The word Ghoiii originated in the early twenty-first century, (believed to have been first used on 22nd January 2010, by SD & TG.) Ghoiii is unique in the fact that it can be used as a noun (You're such a karma scared Ghoiii, etc.), adjective (The ghoiii coat of paint glistened in the sunlight, etc.), verb (He ghoiiied across the lawn, etc.), prefix (Ghoiiitally, etc.) & suffix (Annghoiii, etc). It can also be used as a greeting (Ghoiii!), as well as an icebreaker (Ghoiii...)
P1: Ohmigod! That's so ghoiii!
P2: Ghoiiitally!
P1: DAMN. I was ghoiiilly perfect for that job.
P2: Ghoiii. You're too ghoiiilified for that job anyway.
P1: Ghoiii!
P2: Ghoiii! How are you today?
by Tuesday Syndrome. July 03, 2010

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