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To Ghlin, or rather, Ghlinning, was the act of some Nazis during WWII. The act was to gather infants and use them as target practice.

The name Ghlinning came about due to the Nazis being from the town of Ghlin, Belgium.

Today, non-Jews from Ghlin do not like the name. It is a sad part of their history that they do not talk about much (for good reason.)

As such, it's a very spiteful, offensive way for a Jewish person to insult another from this region of Belgium.

World War II is still only a generation behind, so there is still a lot of animosity there. Think of the babies that could have grown to be adults. They would be in their old agen now. Yet, all of their lives were never experienced because of the Ghlinning that went on.

It's a very painful thing to say to someone from that region. Although, much of the rest of Germany is not really aware of the meaning of the word.

"You dirty ghlin! You're just a baby-killing nazi!"
by Matt Mueller May 10, 2006
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