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Ghettoticity (aka GhettoIQ) is a double value that ranges from 1 to 10 that represents how ghetto every individual is; 10 being the ghetto of the ghetto.

Everyone is born with a ghettoticity; usually around 5. Attributes such as race, religion, income, and education will create severe fluctuations to this number.
Current stats based off of US population below:

Mean: 6
Mode: 5
Median: 7
OMG you see that girl crotch catching, dang she ghetto as hell, I'll give her a ghettoticity of 9.68!

Man, that boy so white, he going to church every Sunday. He won't even eat fried chicken or drink grape soda...he got a ghettoticity of 3.32
by Ghettoticity is legit November 01, 2012
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