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High performance driving instructor that drives student's cars carelessly around a track not thinking about the possibility of crashing
"Ghettoracer was droving my car and because of his spider senses, he was able to save it from spinning on coolant."
by notghettoracer January 20, 2005
Wannabe racer who crashes into a real racer in his first race and refuses to believe it was his fault.
"Sure I lost control, spun, tried to gather it back up and screwed that up and then hit another racer, but it's okay because I can drove real good."
by Won't let him drove my cars! January 21, 2005
Also a racecar drover with mAdSKilZ. Some one with a magnetic ability to colide with others on track, almost as if it was fait itself that brings them together.
The Ghettoracer was on track today: four missing bumpers, one over reved F50.
by mrMadSkIlz January 21, 2005
Illustrious driving instructors with dubious skills and much more ego who so impress other drivers with their mAd sKiLz that treacherous sections of straight racetrack are named after them.
"Whew, I would have completely lost control of the student's car I'm droving and had a massive accident at Ghetto Str8 if it weren't for the fact that it's laser-straight and flatter than Kansas."
by AGhettoFan January 21, 2005

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