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A nickname for the only privately owned movie theater in Manassas, VA. The seats are torn, the screen is flimsy, and the film is scratched. They also don't re-stock their candy very often.

But $4.50 Thursdays are great!
Man, I don't want to pay $10.00 at the AMC, let's go to the Ghettoplex instead!
by IamLindsey July 16, 2010
A non project apartment complex that is

a) located in the Ghetto and/or
b)is poorly kept and resembles the projects
Mike: Yo, I got rejected from dat Section 8 funding, but it's all good
Tom: How iz dat all good?
Mike: I'ma move into dat Ghettoplex on President St.
by JerkoffHaddon October 09, 2009
A crackerbox apartment building with crappy amenities and questionable neighbors. ALSO: the psychological condition of distress associated with living there.
"I hate my landlord, I fear my neighbors, please, God, get me out of this ghettoplex!"
ALSO: "Poor John. He's been living in that dump so long he has developed a severe ghettoplex!"
by lumpy upchuckles May 31, 2013
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