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A term coined by Ben Adelman in his article '5 Ridiculous Attempts at Crime Fighting that Actually Worked.' A Ghetto Pinata is a person on and in which you can find an excessive amount of drugs.
"Harry was a veritable ghetto pinata--just absolutely stuffed to bursting with his beloved crack cocaine." (Adelman, Ben)
by Megdoll August 03, 2010
1. Someone that has an abundance of crack or other illegal drugs on their person.

2. Someone that sells large amounts of drugs on the streets.
1. The day after Shortie received her monthly pay check she'd be a ghetto pinata.

2. If you're looking for some crack you better hit up the local ghetto pinatas.
by Ren Haru August 03, 2010
A crack dealer.
There's a Ghetto Pinata working off the corner of north boulevard and 5th street.
by SFDX August 03, 2010
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