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5 definitions by SFDX

Slack-jawed in either amazement or terror.
You: Hey! ASL?
Stranger: 56 years old, herm, louisiana.
You: :|__|
by SFDX July 28, 2010
A chair with a hard or impermiable seat that causes an uncomfortable popping sensation when the person sitting on it farts.
The chairs in the library are serious Butt Mufflers.
by SFDX August 05, 2010
A crack dealer.
There's a Ghetto Pinata working off the corner of north boulevard and 5th street.
by SFDX August 03, 2010
The act of quickly exiting a pornographic website as someone enters the room.
Dude, you gotta work on your quickdraw. I saw that porn a mile away.
by SFDX September 06, 2010
A term used to aleviate an awkward pause someone else has created.
Bob: My great dane broke my femur by humping me.
Joe: ...lol?
by SFDX July 28, 2010