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The act of playing music very loudly on an old stereo that sits on ones shoulder.
Mi niggaz n I be ghetto blasting down da streetz of NYC.
by Victor S June 06, 2005
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a person of African-American persuasion becoming frustrated and subsequently engaging in oral combat with heavy usage of the English dialect commonly referred to as "ebonics."
That bitch got so mad at the cashier, she began ghetto-blasting his honkey ass!
by Lunchbox113 March 13, 2008
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Ghetto Blasting is the vertical version of the "hot Carl". Ghetto Blasting is when you shit against a large store-front window.
Dude, me and Pete are Ghetto Blasting the window in front of Nordstrom.
by Kung Fu Pirate Pants October 29, 2010
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Yelling at people with megaphone, and or shining bright light in there eyes while driving in s Buick
Me and my niggaz are going ghetto blasting tonight.
by Lukas Wagner November 18, 2003
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