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Ghetto Reborn is known to some people as "The God of all Gods". He is also known as "The God of Deception" because of his manipulation skills, which are said to be the absolute best. He is one of the greatest warlords of all time, using manipulation and psychological warfare. He is also the mastermind behind Operation Emocide (the mass extermination of "Emo" people). He also is responsible for redesigning the "Pot Pill", making it completely safe and even more potent. From one perspective he may seem like a psychopathic madman, from another he may seem like a genius, truly a mastermind. He is also said to be incredibly charming, though it is unknown if it is true charm or just more of his manipulation. He also views himself as a God, and has created his own religion and version of The Ten Commandments entitled "The Ten Commandments - Lord Ghetto's Version", though some believe it is a cover up to recruit people into his army for Operation Emocide. If you require any more information about him, you can contact him directly on his AIM Screenname "theghettorun", or through Xbox Live Gamertag "Ghetto Reborn".
Ghetto Reborn is a God.
Ghetto Reborn developed Operation Emocide.
Ghetto Reborn has the most incredible manipulation skills on earth.
by Vicious D. J. Quick August 28, 2006
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