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Ghetto Rat is the term for a girl who lives in the hood and has no other ambitions other than to get pregnant and/or be saved (removed from the hood) by a man.
by mauriciagrant October 20, 2003
56 16
Slang term for a child that resides in an underprivledged urban area.
While driving through a rough section of Chicago, we saw three Ghetto Rats playing double dutch in the street.
by Mort_da_man July 14, 2003
20 21
a women who gets laid in the ghetto for money
bouvier's mum is a ghetto rat
by ginga_31 March 02, 2006
22 28
nothin but a st8r up crack fiend who will fuck anybody and everybody to get her hands on abit ov freebase
mostly see them walkin da cold streets waitin 2 b pickin up for abit ov ruff sex
Ginja Joels mum is a ghetto rat
by matthewbouvier April 01, 2009
5 16
A girl or guy who hangs out in all the ghetto bars and clubs
This club is filled with ghetto rats.
by Chococity May 07, 2007
1 23