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In other words hoochies that are ghetto. They are loud and obnoxious black girls. They use slang such as "Sho' Nuff Is!" and SHOOT etc. They also got weird ass names like LaKisha, or Nitisha, or Shartenek etc. They are usually ugly because if they was fine they wouldn't be a Ghetto Hoochie. An acronym for Ghetto Hoochie Inc. is GHI. For example if a GHI is walking by you you say there go GHI. Most of GHI's population is located in the south in places such as Florida, Atlanta, Texas etc. GHI members are usually more ghetto than there man. GHIs are usually girls but if a male were to be a GHI he would be considered gay. If you still don't know what a GHI got watch The Parkers on BET. Or just look at Remy Ma she a GHI she shot her own homegirl because she $3000 was missing from her purse that is very GHI like to put $3000 in your purse and shoot yo own homegirl. Well that concludes it you should now what a Ghetto Hoochie Inc. is by now.
The Parkers both the mama and the daughter. Remy Ma is a great example she shot her own homegirl but she don't even know for sure if she did it. Those examples are both Ghetto Hoochie Inc. members.
by Ghetto Hoochie Inc. May 02, 2008
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