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When you see a person who is obviously from an urban area, such as a ghetto, and as they are speaking, they use their hands to help them annunciate EVERY SINGLE SYLLABLE that comes out of their mouths. One of their hands are closed into a fist, denoting rage, and the other hand is open, so the slapping noise makes their points come across more clearly. Most often than not, women of urban cultures use this tactic, as this tactic usually counters the urban male as he says 'Ya know what I'm sayin' approximately 16 times per sentence.
I only watch the morning talk shows, just to see the girls from the 'hood display their ghetto hands, as they repeat themselves and make no sense at all.

Ouch! Your ghetto hands must really hurt, Shanaynay........you were making a lot of good points just now!!!!
by carlipet September 22, 2009

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