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A 'Ghetto Ginger Goth' is a goth who is ginger and ghetto as out man. It is a cult created by the legend Jenna. You have to be as ghetto as out to join this cult, oh, and also it helps if you're ginger. You can't have black hair man! That just kills the meaning of 'Ghetto Ginger Goth', fuckers.
All you goths just wish that you were one of us! But no.
They are pure solid with their proper skull candy headphones, i dont mean the ear phone, i mean the pure masiiiive ones man!
Chav: eurgh its a goth
Ghetto Ginger Goth: hea man you chav! have you seen yourself, aye? il fucking kill you with my ghetto blaster!
Chav: sorry *crys*
by GhettoGingerGoth November 28, 2009
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