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'ghetto' and 'retro' style. Its a swagga; a way of mixing old with new and creating something modern. This can include fashion and music.
Your style is Ghetro
I am Ghetro
by May 07, 2011
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A slang term for the phone service Metro PCS
Mostly used within California's Bay Area
Made popular by E-40 in the song "Tell Me When To Go" off his album "My Ghetto Report Card"
Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake em'
I ain't got none but i'm plannin' on growin' some
Imagine all the Hebrews goin' dumb
Dancin' on top of Chariots and turnin' tight ones(ahhhhhh)
Oooh, tell me when to go(dumb)
Talkin on my Ghetro on my way to the sto'
My 2nd or 3rd trip
Some Henne, some Swishas and some Listerine Strips...
by Batches ain't shit March 30, 2006
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The nickname of Metro PCS. You might be able to get unlimited minutes for cheat, but has the worst service! Metro + Ghetto = Ghetro!
Guy 1: "Damn, I don't have service in this area!"
Guy 2: "I Do!"
Guy 1: "Why is that?"
Guy 2: "'Cause I have Nextel!"
Guy 1: " Darn! I only have Ghetro!"
by Stack'D Out April 13, 2006
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The Metropolitan bus service used in the run-down district of any given city, generally ridden by people of the 'ghetto'
The ghetro was rolling through Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati and more than a few suspicious characters stared me down
by Ralph's Tires January 25, 2010
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A combination of the words "ghetto" and "metro". Meaning, "the metro of the ghetto."

1) It is a term used to classify people who live in Metro Detroit. It isn't dope enough to be considered the ghetto, so its Ghetro.

2) Also used to describe the people living in the Ghetro, mainly white people.
1) Guy 1: "Hey man, have you been down to Livonia lately?"

Guy 2:" No way dude, that place is too ghetro for me."

2) "That kid is so ghetro, he wears his pants below his waist and has a C+ in geometry."
by LTOWN BEATDOWN March 05, 2011
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Ghetro- a wanabe ghetto person, usually white.

danny lives in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and is act ghetto. he is a prime example of ghetro.
by Sr. 42 March 22, 2009
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(adj) a cross between "ghetto" and "retro". Used to describe something both old and of ghetto quality. Often consists of large amounts of duct/masking tape. Rust, tears, rot, and/or ancient stains abound. Not cool enough to be "vintage".
Big Ned: "Duude, did you see that hobo's cardboard box? That thing's ghetro."

Lil' Ned: "Yeah, well, yo' momma is ghetro."

Big Ned: "YO' momma!"

Hobo: *picks up box and some change-of-address forms*
by grammarnazi August 25, 2004
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