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Ghesh-ism is how the world will come to the end, in an orgy of self desruction and lazer beams.

The Story behind Ghesh-ism is basically the flacid penises a.k.a Elder Gods, were the soul creaters of the universe... Think about this for a moment, man has sex with woman, presto... baby. During the time through all life, people have been arguing which religion was right, while they believed in thier own, whilst fighting against the others, the Elder Gods became angry and ended up (literally) screwing the world over. And we were all banished to a frying pot where the Devil Eats us like Chiken Fajitas.
Have you seen the new testament of Ghesh?

Ghesh-ism is completely false in all origin

According to the new testament of Ghesh-ism, page 156, paragraph three, sentance four: Your Mom.
by Ghesh August 01, 2006
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