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the most funniest, little pixie. One of the shortest people you will meet, never awkward around her, amazing girl, loved by everyone. Hated by a couple of bitches, but haters see ya laters. Changes her mind about guys all the time, loves her family to pieces. very trustworthy but can be bitchy at times.
hey she looks like ghazaleh
yeah she does

#ghaz #ghazaleh #gaz #poo #arabic #turkish
by whoyougonnacall October 05, 2011
Short for Ghazaleh which is an iranian name that origniates from the arabic word of Ghazal. A Ghazal is the arabic word for Deer with big eyes ( Gazelle ).

English people or western european people find it hard to pronounce so the eprson will get called Ghaz ( pronounced Gaz), Gazley etc.etc.

The person tends to get used to being called wierd names and people not being able to pronunce their name .
Hey Ghazaleh
I swear your name is similar to a type of deer?
yeah it is :)
#deer #gaz #ghaz #ghazaleh #iranina #arabic #gazelle #big eyes
by Taylorlautnerfan123456 June 14, 2010
dam have you seen that girl over their , her name is like a deer.
yeah she bangtidy
whats her name?
#ghaz #ghazaleh #gaz #poo #iranian
by blobbyprincess October 05, 2011
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