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A person with a good attitude and very fun to be around. he LOVES cheese and makes sure the whole world knows it. a bigger camera whore than the girls on the cheerleading team put together and somewhat tall. he uses 'K' a lot when texting but other than that he is a good texter person(x Gezreel will keep you laughing at all the stupid stuff he does and the jokes he makes. if you ever meet one then you are in for a wild adventure! can make anyone laugh and will be always be there for you.
girl1; i hung out with gezreel yesterday!

girl2; and?!

girl1; he kept yelling at cars about his love for cheese, it was so funny!!

girl2; he's hysterical!
by TiJe April 19, 2011
Derived from Jezreel

A Gezreel can simply be described as a very Enigmatic person.
He is neither Jock, Nerd, gangster or any other type of label but awesome.
He is in fact indescribable by words for a Gezreel's personality will keep on improving as he adapts to his surroundings and to the people around him.

He is an odd ball so ODD that you will find yourself saying "odd triangle" or "odd platypus" for his oddness can affect the very words you say.

A Gezreel get's un expected erections that may last over one hour. He also likes cheese more than anything in this world.
by maridal July 11, 2011
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