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Geek But Sexy.
boy 1 : OMG.. dat girl in maths is soo Gexy
boy 2: yeah init dooe.

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being a geek, but a sexy geek!
girl1: my english teacher is well gexy.
girl2: ew, nope - but that lad in science is well gexy.
by JorjaBef October 05, 2009
adj. gex·i·er, gex·i·est
* Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest through appreciation and understanding of technology or other matter-specific grok-itude, such as music, theatre, or art.
Bill Gates, in that 80's Teen Beat magazine is totally gexy, as was Anthony Michael Hall in 16 candles. Weird Science is another study in gexiness.
by Leif S. August 11, 2006