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When enthusiastically plowing a chick from behind, her face can easily get jammed into the bed/carpet/trunk of your car. Sometimes she will try to tell you "Get off me," but the words will be miraculously muffled - this will sound like she is saying "Get awesome."

So put up your arms, flex, and continue to do what you were doing, hands-free. If there is a mirror nearby, high-five it. This is the American Dream, and you are living it.
I was railing this chick the other night, and I was totally getting awesome like American Psycho. Then I smoked a cigar with general Patton.
#gettin #doin it #awful #doggy style #fuck
by Chikin Thuggit December 07, 2007
Vomiting, esp. while drunk.
Johnny's had a bit too much to drink; he's in the bathroom getting awesome.
by nonamenumberthree September 13, 2005
When some people drink they become sad, miserable, assholes, violent or bitches.

For those who become a greater form of thier previous self...they don't get drunk, They Get Awesome
I am so getting awesome tonight.
#drinking #drunk #awsome #get awesome #awesome
by Mr. Ed 716 September 23, 2011
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