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A phrase often said with sarcasm to someone without thinking of their feelings/reactions
Wife:You have been wanking when I have been out havent you?
Husband:Get over it
by jools22 June 23, 2006
Most people think the phrase "get over it" means to "forget

about it." If I were to forget about something in life then I would bash my head wild open with a big glass of bottle wine to erase my memory so that way I can't look back.

When we say "get over it" we are saying "Don't let the past ruin your life" or "Stop living in the past and stick with the current event."
Friend: My ancestors were the victims of Halocaust

Me: That was the past, get over it.

Friend: But I don't wanna forget about it.

Me: No, I meant don't let the past screw up your life.
by PepsiMonday December 18, 2010
Get over it: A term used by people against in reaction to a bitter feeling towards a reality
Liverpool Supporter: Manchester United were lucky to win the league

Response: Get over it!
by Lensyat May 17, 2011
1. The act of moving on, if not: dropping the argument of a subject already passed.

2. An expression given from one friend to another, in other words. Telling them to shut up.
1. Azn gets booted from the Xbox Live party, infuriated over the act. He rejoins the party.

Azn: "Hey guys, I can't believe you booted me, you bk's."

Jeff: "Get over it..."

Random guy in Halo 3 dies.

RG: "That's bull, that's a headshot!!!!"

Killer: "Get over it..."
(Beats down)

2.Beebe is upset over a discovery that his friend sold GTA IV

Beebe: "Well we could play GTA IV...oh wait, Jeff doesn't have it." (Clearly upset)

Jeff: " Get over it."
by The Moonmaster October 13, 2009
You should build a bridge, build a house next to the bridge, put a chair next to the house and watch the bridge every day, so you know you've gotten over it.
My phone fell in my tea...oh well i'll get over it
by Azizsgirl March 11, 2009
An Eagles Song from the 1994 album "Hell Freezes Over".
Written & sung by Don Henley in response to the daytime TV trash of the time.
It became a widely used catch phrase throughout the rest of the 90's.
The 911 attacks made the song politically incorrect and it fell off radio station playlists.
"I'd like to find your inner child and kick it's little ass" was a great line from the song get over it.
by jsd96321 January 27, 2012
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