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When someone at work thinks they are better than anyone else and tries to slam someone for following the rules.
Kevin:"Holly, get off your high horse, I'm sick of it"

Holly :"No Kevin, get off YOUR high horse, acting like you own Terrace!
by j--hizzy March 02, 2007
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"Get off your high horse" is an idiom people retort with in an argument when the other person is acting like a holier-than-thou being when in reality, they aren't. To put it in a simpler manner, to tell people to stop acting as if they're the top authority when they aren't.
Person A: "I am completely entitled to go around dismissing people when they do something completely normal just because they're wrong and I'm ultimately right."

Person B: "Get off your high horse."
by InsertDictionaryHere December 25, 2016
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