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When a crowd of people gather and claps with a beat.
then people take turns going in the middle and doing a dance called"Getting Lite"
you can basically do anything original just try and look your best.
Get Lite. Get lite son
clap clap clap clap.
by #1superfreak July 20, 2008
v. to get lite

The act of two people gettin down, usually at a party. This particular meaning of the phrase originated in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

A popular variation of this phrase is the singular word "lite," usually written as a comment on facebook.
"He's been talkin to that chick all night, bro. He's tryin to get lite."

facebook status: "(some chick) is hanging out with (some dude) tonight <33"


"OD lite"
"i gotta watch my weight, so i only drink coors LITE"
by LITEspeedyeaaa February 06, 2010