A Northern term used to describe a "Kiss" or a "Snog"

Devised in the West Yorkshire region of England, "Get" is a commonly known word used in replace of Neck, Snog, Tash etc...

the Plural term of Get is "Getting"
Guy 1 : I'm going to get with her tonight.
Guy 2: I'm ready for a lot of getting
by ROFLatNige December 03, 2013
This word is often used to scare someone or something away; shoo.
"You ain't got nothing here, you ole crackhead," said the old lady. "Get!"
by Senica Harris August 09, 2006
To succeed, or to accomplish your goals
Dave: "How was your job interview Andy?"
Andy: "Get!"
by jayjaybee May 18, 2009
When you get together with friends to drink and just hang getting tipsy or drunk.
(Term often used in Puerto Rico)
-"Vamos a un get!" (Let's go to a get)
-"Diablo me voy a poner bien mal hoy!" (Damn, I'm gonna get real bad today)
-"Que no se te olviden las bebidas ;)" (Just don't forget the drinks)
by PRtripeo March 03, 2012
When describing a girl/guy that you would have sex with, usually said "that person would get"

But often shortened to "get" in Youghal
Josh: Hey Sam... *points at random girl* GET
Sam: Yeah man :P She'd get
Josh: *looks at Nathan* Get ?
Nathan: Get :P
by Havok_Jro July 03, 2009
A grunting noise people make when they are unable to find an eloquent, specific way of expressing their thoughts.
I have to get back to the trailer park and get me food stamps!
by Liz II September 26, 2009
An Exclamation Of Joy
Similar To YAY! WOO! YES! WA-HAY!
Person 1: You've Won Lots & Lots Of Money
Person 2: Really?! GET!
by LAURZOKAY May 20, 2007

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