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What the Bigheads do before "mating", from the show "Rocko's Modern Life"
"Get the plates Bev!"
by Dagon April 18, 2005
Get The Plates is phrase used when implying that someone or something has just been "served". Commonly used in high schools with many variations such as, "Start handing the plates out" and "Get the plates cuz' you just got served"
WOAH, thats guys gonna need a stack! (of plates)
by SerBSPeeD September 11, 2004
something only 2 hick highschools in the country actually say after watching You Got Served on the one-screen theatre in their town (which played 3 months after it came out on DVD) and now use every time they can to seem crunk
Tremont says that people need to get the plates after they have a major "diss"
by hickssuck April 18, 2005
Phrase used when purchasing a car. Refers to telling the auto sales person that you are buying the vehicle and wish for him to go to the DMV to get the license plates.
This van is sweet, get the plates for me.
by BillG April 18, 2005
gayest fucking thing on earth!
Guy1: ohhhh!!! get the plates!
Everyone else in the room: Shut the fuck up faggot *beats the shit out of guy 1*
by suck my dick, cockface! April 18, 2005
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