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The Gestpacho is a group of Australian federal government ministers, politicians, and their bureaucrats, who are attempting to list many exotic and native Australian garden plants as illegal to own, propagate, sell, trade, process and/or otherwise possess.

The term literally translates as 'Soup Nazi' and is a portmanteau constructed of the roots 'Gestapo' and 'gazpacho'. It is intended to reflect the current bureaucratic and government obsession in Australia with banning plants that contain chemicals that have possible psychotropic effects, or that contain chemical related to those that have possible psychotropic effects. Many of the plants that are being targeted for banning are members of the nightshade family, which includes potatoes and tomatoes, and of course tomatoes are the principle ingredient in the cold soup called gazpacho.
Granny Maria Smith was very proud of her garden full of delightfully-smelling angels' trumpets and acacias, but at the stroke of a pen she stood to be a criminal, in the eyes of the Australian government's Gestpacho, simply for growing these plants.
by AutumnMandrake April 04, 2011
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