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1.) A foundation white paint/pigment/chalk/gypsum material used for paintings, sculptures and other products

2.) Adds texture. Tons of texture.

3.) When used in the phrase, "To throw some gesso on it", refers to an object or action of the highest quality; an example of A+ work; the solution to any problem.
Ryan: "Dude, my sculpture is so lacking. What should I do?"

Phyllis: "Throw some gesso on it!"

Ryan: "Wow, what texture! My sculpture rocks!"

Danielle: "I threw SO much gesso on that essay yesterday. I got an A!"

Nelly: "What texture in your words Danielle!"

Haley: "Did you hear about the Chilean Miners, and their rescue? Amazing, right?"

Ben: "They threw so much gesso on that shit, damn. A real textural miracle!"
by positiveanarchy March 13, 2011
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anything that is white and liquidy (jizz)
i gessoed all over your mom
by bob November 26, 2003
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Cum,Jizz,Sperm,or any white gooy shit that comes out of a dingaling
Regan loves the squatchy taste of gesso
by josh November 29, 2003
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