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1)Term to describe German designed cars modified for use by Japanese consumers, or vice-versa.

2)Also could describe the German-Japan alliance in World War II, since using Axis would mean to include Italy when they did shit.
Dude, did you just see that Volkswagen with the Japanese logos on the trunk, it was fucking Gerpanese model.
by chillaxin1 September 26, 2006
A form of German characterized by bad pronunciation from the Japanese.
Features heavily in recent anime such as 'Attack on Titan' (Shinjeki no Kyoujin).

The addition in phonetics between German and Japanese often makes the words being spoken neither recognisable, nor understandable for native speakers of either language.
'Engrish is bad.

Gerpanese is hilariously bad.'
by Nejplz July 09, 2014
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