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The original Germanator (Germanator 3.11) was destroyed in battle with the first installment of the Belgianoid BETA Version.

The Germanator 3.11's pitiful remains were collected and used to create the far superior Germanator XP, who, to this day, continues to roll joints and kick ass without showing any signs of mechanical failure. Runs on high concentrations of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol.
"Grrr!" says the Germanator XP.
"Ahh!!" screams the bored spectator; inanimately.
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004
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An awesome German kid who doesn't talk a lot at first.
Pale, really blonde, and has a very German nose.
Makes silly immature jokes, but is actually very deep.
"Who's that really pale blonde kid over there?"
"...They call him Da Germanator."
by Em-ah-Flea January 02, 2009
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