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A gamblers game for gearheads involving whiskey, milk, money, plastic bags and/or a wet/dry vac, and a willing/incapacitated owner of a 4 wheel drive, turbo, kroutburning automobile.

(yeah yeah, safe place etc etc etc, dont try this at home, yadda yadda)

Parking lot, frozen lake, some D-bag neighbors lawn, etc.

All 4 'contestants' toss $20-whatever $ ya got into the console. Winner takes all

Take shot of whiskey, then the shot of milk. Wait one min. Take second shot of whiskey, check seatbelts and ralph pouch, hang on.

Driver (Also contestant #1) turns and holds the wheel all the way left, trans in 2nd gear, hit the throttle and as it hits the rev limiter, side step the clutch and the game is afoot. Sit and spin on juice ensues.

Last to 'purge said shots' wins the cash. First to 'purge' cleans afore mentioned unknowing owners car, 'as best one sees fit'. . . or not, if was used as the game board, the driver more than likely doesnt know anyway.
See above, more info would ruin 'game modifications' which are much welcomed and appreciated. But it makes me put in German Teacup, so there it is.

Game by:

Name and 'inspiration' by:

Both of ?id=84 on the Vortex.
by TGM74 June 09, 2007
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