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The act of pooping into a pog case or other such penile shaped container (or inserting your member into a fecal filled rectum) and placing one's shaft inside. Then pull your shit covered penis out and there you have it. The insertion of a popscicle stick into ones urethra is optional and preferred for the authentic german experience. If you put pam on the inside of the container the shit slides out better. (German because of poop in place of corn, and penis in place of hotdog)
SziPhi:We went totally nuts with those german corndogs last night!
Vash:I know, I still have wood splinters in my urethra.
SziPhi:Next time I won't bite all the way through the feces; you should have less shaft scarring that way.
Vash:Yeah. I've already lost 3 inches to date.
by Wal-Mart June 05, 2005
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