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The lead singer of My Chemical Romance. my chemical romace
Brother of Mikey Way. Very talented, very amazing, very special. A recovering alcholic and drug user.
Gerard Way is my lover.
by battybaby September 03, 2006
56 37
Most talented sexy man alive

He writes wonderful lyrics, sings wonderfully and isnt just a mainstream naizly whiny singing tweeny-bopper.

He gives many hope, he got through living terribly with drug addiction and alcholhism, and now he is a successful singer/comic book writer whose married to Lyn-z and has a child named Bandit Way.

He is in the world's number one band (my chemical romance) and has orignal lyrics, with a notable voice to match. They're not an insufferable mainstream band like a select few seem to think, put him next to miley, are they the same? HELL NO!

Now, all of Gerard's aspects are great, not to be superficial are anything, but he's amazingly hot. The hair the eyes, the seducing voice, the adorable face, is total smexiness!

Gerard Way's brother is Mikey Way, who is also in the band. His band friends consist of: Bob Bryar, Ray Toro and Frank Iero.

Gerard has many annoying fan girls, which are not true fans and need to leave him alone!
(example of fan girl)
gee fan girl: lyk MCR'S frontman Gee way is lyk emo hawt, I'm SOOO bad 4 lyking him, he's HAWT! RAWR
Me: Gerard is NOT emo, you little bopper. Do you even know what band he's in?
Gee fan girl: LYK HES TOTATTLY EMO! eyeliner! DUH! and he's in Chemical Romance.
Me: eyeliner doesnt make someone emo, you little *bleep* it's MY chemical romance. Name all their cd's and 5 songs.
Gee fan girl: um dont they only have black parade? and I only know "Welcome to the black parade" and "teenagers"...
Me: *shoots fangirl* one down, a million to go.

Gerard has the nicname "Gee" which somehow sounds cute to moi. So as you can see, Gee Way is a wonderful man.
me: My chemical Romance is awesome *internally barfs at mention of mikey and jo bros*
Mainstream lover: LYK WHO R THEY? R THEY DISNEY?
me: disney stars are talentless airheads.
me: It doesnt have to be insanely mainstream popular but deaf no-minded children to be good, and heard of
Mainstream lover: LYK, SURE WUTEVER.
Me: Gerard Way rules, and so does MCR, this is for them! MUHAHHAHAHA *throws mainstreamer down well*
by SnevansLuv August 03, 2009
35 17
The frontman of emo/punk band My Chemical Romance. Has brother in the band who is bassist Mikey Way. MCR recently playeed the NME/Radio 1 tent at the 2005 reading/leeds festival where they put on an amazing show despite technical failings. Overall he is a good looking guy, however fans should be more focused on the bands music (their two sellout records) rather than his asthetics. They also won best album (three cheers fro sweet revenge) and Best Video (Helena) at the 2005 Kerrang awards. That is all.
"remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor"-im not okay. The funniest sentence Gerard Way says.
albums- "I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love"
-"Three cheers for sweet revenge"
by starshine October 08, 2005
88 71
hottest guy in the whole world, most amazing voice i've ever heard, i love him more than my life, i wanna do him up the butt and im a girl it mite be kinda hard but i'll manage... all i can say is that he is the hottest guy i ever saw and i love him and my chemical romance! they rock my elephant toe sox!
i want to do gerard way up the butt as much as pudding is good
i love gerard as much as john kurasz loves computers (and thats like more than his life)
by Nicole March 29, 2005
84 68
the front man of Newark, New Jersey based band My Chemical Romance. He has a huge amount of teenie fans, usually based around the ages of 12-14. I am just astonished by his great impact on my life. People should just learn that he has better things to do than read that they want to fuck him. Watch LOTMS, and he will simply tell you that MCR has no groupies, and nor do they want any.... Overall, Gerard Way is an amazing artist/musician, and he has a comic book series called “The Umbrella Academy” coming out in May.
1. Teenie: lYk.. oMg gERALd iS sOoOoOo EFfIn HawWWTttt!! i lYK tOtAlLy WAnna HaVe HiS BaByZzzZzzzZZZZzzz!!!!!!!
Me: Shut up, loser. You need to realize how much Gerard Way really means to some people.

2. Gerard Way is amazing. He saved my life as well as other people's. MCR rocks and so does he!
by bladeyoustain April 03, 2007
43 28
Black-clad lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Also, the divinely appointed savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned. (See "the black parade".) Has God-given skills in the cunning arts of singing, yelping, scaring children, and attracting hoards of members of the same and opposite sexes. May or may not be the rocking Son of Christ himself sent here to redeem teenagers and wayward hardcore children.
Gerard Way will rescue you from the depths of misery, then suck your blood.
by W2TBP November 10, 2006
61 46
Gerard Arthur Way. Talented/amazing/gorgeous frontman of the hugely successful and one of the best bands in the whole world, My Chemical Romance. He puts on one hell of a live show. Not only that, but he has one of the most amazing voices around. Often known as 'Gee' to fans. A dedicated musician to friends/family and fans, and a brilliant cartoon artist. People who don't like Gerard Way suck(Y) -cause they only don't like him because he's recently got 7 year olds becoming in love with him & is appearing in Top Of The Pop magazine *rolls eyes* Yes, it's annoying to us long-lasting, diehard MCR gfans that know every single song ever written by them, but it's not their fault. Try to be happy and take into account that like 1 song, or like 100, a fan is a fan and lets reunite this motherfucking MCRmy please :)
MCR FAN #1: "Oh my Gee, are you going to the MCR gig tonight?"

MCR FAN #2: "Fuck yeah, hopefully Gee will toss off again?"

MCR FAN #3:"HAHA YEAH! Gerard Way is the hottest thing around!"

^HAHA ;)
by Charlieeeeeewarlii. March 10, 2008
23 11