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Best Video is an awesome video store in Hamden, CT with lots and lots and lots of random good ass movies like Cheerleader Ninjas (NOT the same as Ninja Cheerleaders...get it right!). They sell Amish popcorn. There is a UPS man named Carl ____ who comes in every day at the stroke of 5:30 and he has a personality ripped straight from the latest porno. He is also very fond of Kathleen Wolak and hits on her persistently and hopes to bag her one day ;). There is a coffee shop there run by the local lawyers who thought it would be funny to name it Legal Grounds because they're lawyers and Legal is a lawyer term and Grounds is a coffee term AND a lawyer term. HAHAHAHAHAH. An employee of both is the sexually ambiguous Max Stenstrom.
Best Video is the shit!
Anyone seen Kathleen today? -Carl
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