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It's a twist on the story Pinocchio! Gepetto has got it for Pinocchio sexualy.

1. An old man who sexually has the desire to be with younger boys.
2. A male pedophile.
-"Ew! That old man was just checking you out, he's totally got it for you! What a Gepedophile!"

-"Lie to me Pinocchio! Lie to me!"
"Gepetto? You're such a Gepedophile!"

(this word, courtesy of my brother Scott)
by Kanaska August 15, 2003
- A person that gets sexually turned on by child puppets.

- A person that makes child puppets.
Did you see Johnny staring at those marionette's? What a gepedophile!
by Rusty Waters March 30, 2011