The act of running fingers through a butt crack, however it is different from a credit card or an oil check. The thumb starts at either the bottom or top of the crack, opposite the index finger. They are then brought together in the middle of the butt crack.
I just got georgia pined, and now I feel violated.
by K-ristin June 03, 2005
Top Definition
A unit of measurement for highness after smoking that wonderful plant that we call Cannabis.

It cannot necessarily be converted into any standard unit of measure, although it has been said that the Georgia Pine can grow to over 200 feet high in its natural habitat. The Georgia Pine is best understood when you are as high as a Georgia Pine.
Stoner 1: Wow, I am high as Georgia Pine right now.
Stoner 2: Are you kidding? We just smoked half an ounce of Purple Haze. I am high as a hundred Georgia Pines.
Stoner 1: No way dude. How high is that?
Stoner 2: Let's roll another blunt and find out.
Stoner 1: I mean, if we can get higher than this, let's try it.
by Noonan422 May 04, 2009
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