a really cool kid.
this definition of georgia was totaly not made by anna.
by hgsjdkfskalk May 01, 2010
Georgia a person who smells like sunshine and does not like any songs with the name Georgia in it.
person #1Wow that smells great

person #2 oh wait is it Georgia?

person #1 yuuup

person#2 awesome.
by faaaaaaacccceeeee(australia) April 16, 2010
A country in Europe, that is commonly mistaken for the state of Georgia in America. They have the highest literacy rate in the world (Vatican city too) and are very famous for business skills. Recently was invaded by Russia because of South Ossetia. what exactly happened? Well Russia got pissed because Georgia bombed South ossetia. Technically, South Osettia is ~Russian~ in their view, but Georgia doesn't agree.
My dad was sent to Georgia because Russia invaded, he says he'll bring me back some Pecan pie.
by 948324 March 26, 2009
Wow, I'm not even surprised as to how there are no definitions on the country Georgia, seeing as how ignorant our fellow Americans are in history. Anyway, let's get to business. Georgians are the REAL Caucasians, along with the Avars, Aguls, Udins and many more. Their capital is Tbilisi, and have had quite a long history. Formerly known as Iberia, they were bigger than they currently are as of today, and used to be a kingdom. At one point in their history, they were able to fight off the Mongols, only for the Mongols to return soon after and have control of Georgia for a short amount of time.

Modern day Georgia isn't as big as it formerly was, due to Russia taking a share of their land. They're pretty nice people and have a rich culture that exceeds more than 5,000 years ago.
Some noob: What's Georgia?
Me: a country...
Some noob: lol i didnt know that
Me: that's cause you're a noob...
by I_dont_know who i am April 18, 2010
A small former Soviet republic that had the living shit bombed out of by the Soviets (I mean Russian federation) for being the most pro-western of the former USSR states. this move may have sparked the begining of a second cold war
Georgia is an ally to the US
by Josef Campbell August 17, 2008
A state located in the Southern U.S.A. Best known for it's tall pine trees, Atlanta (DUH!), vast cotton fields, and friendly laid-back southern people. The State revolves around Atlanta, it being both the largest city of the South and the Capital of Georgia. Atlanta is a huge, sprawling city that's full of ghetto black Hip-Hop types, southern white people, and "alternative" white people as well. Atlanta is the home of Lil Jon, Coca-Cola, UPS, among others. Atlanta has the second tallest building in the U.S., the Bank of America Plaza building.
Beyond the City of Atlanta is nothing but tall pine trees and huge cotton fields and laid-back southern people and/or stupid southern rednecks.
Georgia: The Heart of the South
by Da Wizard Of OZ December 06, 2009
The BEST FUCKIN state EVER. If you think its just filled with stupid hicks, well FUCK THE FUCK OUTTA YOU. We live off sweet tea, mountain dew, beer, air, and havin a good time, and we're PROUD of it, but we know how to get down to it and make a livin. Hard workin people that know how to have a good ass time when the sun goes down. I'm talkin about TRUE Georgians, NOT just pricks that live here. There's a difference, and when you see em, you know.
You: "You fuckin hick, suck my balls!"
Me: "You goddamn Yankee, I live in Georgia with a bunch of rednecks, I'm their little girl. They'll shoot yer ass in a SECOND!"
*bout 15 Chevys pull up with my cousins in the bed of em, shotguns aimed.*
Cousins: "WOOOOOOO!!!1!"
by Tierney September 16, 2007

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