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Someone who is unable to stop thinking/talking about George Harrison, the best and most attractive member of the Beatles. Georgeaholics tend to wear Beatles shirts frequently and point out to random people: "Look! I have George on my shirt!" Non-Georgeaholics hate them with a burning passion. Whenever Georgeaholics began their rants about George Harrison, they get very annoyed and sometimes angry.
Georgeaholic: "Oh my George, George Harrison's birthday is only 217 days away from mine!"
Poor victim: "Oh my God! You're such a Georgeaholic."

Georgeaholic: "Oh my George, Pattie Boyd was soooo lucky she got to marry George! I'm sooo jealous of her!"
Poor victim: "SHUT UP! You're such a Georgeaholic!"
by rahrahoohlala February 14, 2010
Someone who is obsessed with collecting, marking and redistributing marked dollar bills and tracking their circulation via a website.
Someone who:

-pays for all purchases with one dollar bills only.

-is constantly looking for dollar bill changers to unload marked bills.
-repeatedly looks for cashiers to exchange marked dollar bills.
Above behavior may worsen when georgeaholic is on vacation away from home.
by phiksit March 26, 2011

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