An exclamation of admiration and awe.
Wow she's so genty
genty baby
by genty baby October 06, 2007
Top Definition
A group of gentleman who's sexuality is dubious.Often used with the word ladymen.
"Good afternoon gentys and ladymen"
by Bromley January 03, 2005
Gentlemen Panties
Bro#1: Broseph, I found some man skivvies in my pocket, are these yours?

Bro#2: Nah, dude those look like the Genties Joshuah was wearing last night. what did you two do?

Bro#1: How do you know what his Genties looked like? what did YOU two do last night?
by JennLikesItBigDotCom February 02, 2010
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