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A girl who is stuck up, conceited and hard to talk to. One with facial features expressing those of who have witnessed the Armenian Genocide of 1915. One who is hard to communicate with or difficult to understand. Must express negativity and lack of smile.
Man, the other day i could not even talk to that girl she was such a Genocide Face i just walked away.

I Gave her a rose and she rejected my Generosity, shes such a Genocide Face.
by ARM&ELI February 02, 2011
A girl who is stuck up and conceited. One with facial features resembling those of one that just witnessed a Genocide. Not limited to just Armenians. A girl that her nose is so up in the air you cant get it down. One that thinks she is better then everyone else. Also a girl that does not smile and looks negative. Basically it all comes down to her face is so sad that she just witnessed a Genocide.
Oh man look at that girl she looks like a Genocide Face.

Man, i could not even get her to dance she was such a Genocide Face.
by ARM&ELI February 02, 2011

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