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The most beautiful girl that ever walked the earth
Bob: Hey, Jim see that really hot girl over there?

Jim: Yea.

Bob: i bet her names Genna
by sk84life96 March 28, 2009
Someone who is gorgeous, intelligent, funny, kind, and in all ways amazing.
The epitome of awesome.
Genna is the coolest person I know!
by GENNALOVER February 06, 2009
An exotic looking girl who cannot be defined in one, single race, therefore looking multiracial and has a certain sex appeal. Simply Beautiful.
Ryan: Did you see that new girl? She is SO hot!

Chris: Yeah man, what is she, like Filipino, or Brazilian or something?

Ryan: Dude, she's a Genna.
by tiki999 February 03, 2010
i girl who cann b a huge bitch if u gett on her badd side but then again can b the best friend ull ever have. is pretty in her own wayy.
whoa its genna
by awsume person December 24, 2009
A super hot girl who likes to suck dick a lot.
I want to date her, she's such a Genna.
by R O B E R T December 02, 2007
Slang used in the mid-west to symbolize something that's really ugly. Can be a noun or adjective.
Damn, what a genna.
You're looking pretty genna today.
by Fuxxor July 05, 2006