The most beautiful girl that ever walked the earth
Bob: Hey, Jim see that really hot girl over there?

Jim: Yea.

Bob: i bet her names Genna
by sk84life96 March 28, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who is gorgeous, intelligent, funny, kind, and in all ways amazing.
The epitome of awesome.
Genna is the coolest person I know!
by GENNALOVER February 06, 2009
An exotic looking girl who cannot be defined in one, single race, therefore looking multiracial and has a certain sex appeal. Simply Beautiful.
Ryan: Did you see that new girl? She is SO hot!

Chris: Yeah man, what is she, like Filipino, or Brazilian or something?

Ryan: Dude, she's a Genna.
by tiki999 February 03, 2010
i girl who cann b a huge bitch if u gett on her badd side but then again can b the best friend ull ever have. is pretty in her own wayy.
whoa its genna
by awsume person December 24, 2009
A super hot girl who likes to suck dick a lot.
I want to date her, she's such a Genna.
by R O B E R T December 02, 2007
Slang used in the mid-west to symbolize something that's really ugly. Can be a noun or adjective.
Damn, what a genna.
You're looking pretty genna today.
by Fuxxor July 05, 2006
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