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A Genma is a person who is originally from japan and only talks when necessary also known as the mute ninja (silent-assassin). He is passionate to follow the way of the samurai, however he can be a threat to you and your family so make sure you don’t cross him because it will turn him into the 悪魔 devil which will lead to your demise.
Genma the devil
noun: Devil; noun: the Devil; exclamation: devil; noun: the devil1. the supreme spirit of evil;

"belief in the Devil"
•an evil spirit; a demon.
noun: devil; plural noun: devils
"casting out devils"

•a very wicked or cruel person.
"they prefer voting for devils than for decent men"
synonyms: brute, beast, monster, savage, demon, fiend; Morevillain, sadist, barbarian, terror, ogre; informalswine, bastard, pig; informalradge; vulgar slangshit "look what the cruel devil has done to me"

•fighting spirit; wildness.
noun: devil
"he was dangerous when the devil was in him"•a thing that is very difficult or awkward to do or deal with.
"it's going to be the very devil to disentangle"2. informal
a person with specified characteristics.
"the cunning old devil"
synonyms: wretch, unfortunate, creature, soul, person, fellow; Moreinformalthing, beggar, bastard; vulgar slangsod, bugger "the poor devils looked as though they could do with some refreshment"
by DONX February 11, 2014

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