a multi-limbed cyborg alien who can use 4 lightsbaers at once, likes to watch and read star wars, plays dance dance revolution, and dislikes spoilers.
dont tell general grievous a spoiler or he'll slice you in 4 with his lightsabers
by Sifo-Dyas April 03, 2004
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General Grievous from Episode III, the awesome design,
which I thought would kick-ass in the movie but he didn't.

He had no point in the movie
and his fighting abilities sucked.

General Grievous was killed by Obi-Wan with a Blaster (!!!).
He had some serious coughing problem and always ran away.
What a coward.
So much potential wasted.
General Grievous didn't kick ass in the movie, he totally sucked
by Bari June 04, 2005
The most badass villain ever.

If you hated him in Ep III, watch the Clone Wars cartoons or read Star Wars: Visionaries.

He is just... the greatest.
Grievous is the man now dog!
by Cortana Dragoon July 10, 2005
one of the greatest villains ever to light up the silver screen. he appears in Star Wars, Episode 3, and leads the attack that kicks the movie off. he is a four armed cyborg psycho with a keen tactical mind.
Holy Crap, it's General Grievous, he just sliced me into 4 while i exclaimed
by Snowman McKnives May 01, 2005
General Grievous, who appeared in Star Wars, Episode 3, was a military leader for the Empire. He was a cyborg, possessed of four arms and a cowardly disposition.

Unfortunately, he ended up being a complete and utter disappointment due to the fact that his main tactic was to run away. When he finally did get his robotic hands on four lightstabers, his strategy was to spin them around like a puss as he was slowly dismembered.
we ridin spinnaz we ridin spinnaz we ridin-
*chop! General Grievous loses an arm*
(repeat x4)
by Brassler October 09, 2005
a exceptionally painful bowel movement.
Judging by the pained look in his eye and the sweaty forehead, Jeff will not soon forget that General Grievous.
by grundee October 31, 2007
Something placed in a movie only so it will sell action figures. Named after General Grievous from Star Wars who was a pointless character in the movie but had four arms and lightsabers which would make him a top selling action figure.
Batman's motorcycle in the Dark Knight is such a General Grievous.
by catstac August 12, 2009
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