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Guy Wench - A man who knows his place and will fetch endless cups of tea (and provide satisfying sexual favours) for his woman
You, gench, fetch me some tea before you go down on me!
by Cat_Scan November 04, 2013
the sufferer of a psychological disorder which sees its victims being unusually obsessed with feet. This disorder is known as genchitis. It is common amongst the Science Fraternity and is also the common national activity of the Gench of Genchonia. The Disorder involves the touching, smelling, licking, and copulating of feet and the courtship rituals that are associated. One of the most common symptoms of Genchitis is the enforcement of covered footwear.

Sufferers of genchitis often reproduce - as the Gench of Genchonia do - through the creationg of genchicles. They also suffer from repulsively bad breath and frequently lose Biology assignments. They are short tempered, disoriented and confused.
Ten bucks if you can spot the gench!
May the gench be with you ( i certainly don't want him )
You fudging gench!
She was so drunk that she genched her sister!
You fudging gench!
Proud to Gench!
Don't hate me becoz i'm a gench
I gench you
Happy St Genchitines day
Merry Genchmas
by ProfessorGonch May 13, 2003
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