1) A homosexual
2) A moist chotch (see chotch)
3) One who masks his gayness with an exorbitant amount of gel
4) (See douche bag)
5) Clarke Nash
6) Too much gel mayne! (see mayne)
That fucking Clarke Nash is one fucking gay geller MAYNE!
by Clarke Nash December 26, 2003
Top Definition
The most jewish of the hippie crew.
yo geller how much you throwing down on the blunt? Uhhh wait? whats up? i got a nick sack for us 4 to hit it.
by dan Chavess September 07, 2006
a person who intends to engage in conversation with a female with the sole intent of having sexual intercourse with them. this act is usually performed by a desperate male who hasn't been able to 'get his end away' for quite some time.
It can also be used as a derogatry term when you find out that someone has been craftily attempting to chat up a female via SMS or the more common means, Myspace over an elongated period of time.
Poy: yer, to be fair man, shes pretty hot, you should try and GELLER her.
Sherm: i know man, I feel i'd do well to tap that shit.

Drag: Dude, ive just got a peak at ashes inbox, and you'll never guess who hes been GELLERING.
by Sherm` November 08, 2007
A person who over exaggerates their words.

Like Ross GELLER from the TV show Friends.
Person 1: Did you get the POE-TA-TOES?
Person 2: Don't Geller every word.
by Saulsyy August 30, 2009
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