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Addict to gel.
Someone unable to step out of his/her front door without dousing his/her hair with gel.
"They found Lenny lying unconscious on the floor of his bedroom.Apparently he was suffocating from hair-clotting,the GELHEAD!"
by paganroman July 05, 2007
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a person who puts any type of gel or mouse in their hair. These people can be found usually wearing abercrombie or american eagle. They drive rice rockets. They are bread in the northern united states with a high concentration in new jersey. In general these people suck. Also called gdi's by fraternity members.
Did you see all those fucking gel heads.
by fratty mcfratterson November 09, 2005
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GDIs who think stickers make their rice cars faster. They wear gel in their hair to make it spiky along with Abercrombie and Hollister. They think wearing chains around their neck is cool. Yankees who come down south for school and then complain about our way of life and make fun of southerners. Don't support our troops or president. Make fun of fraternities and sororities. Annoying accents.
I would never date a Yankee gel head.
by ilovefratboys July 13, 2006
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